Friday, January 21, 2011

Amazingly Gluten Free Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Really....and truly it is. Don't take my word for it, make this up for yourself and SEE how amazing this baked macaroni and cheese is. In fact...I bet if you fed it to any gluten lover they would not realize that there isn't one spec of gluten in each hearty comfort food laden bite. Now don't let the instructions sway you from making this. There are a few steps, but first, they are easy steps and is so very worth it.

Now lets begin shall we?

 You will want 2 cups each of shredded cheddar cheese and monterrey jack cheese (or mozzarella). Either will work fine in this recipe. Now...most of you will have a nice up to date food processor that will shred up your cheese in a jiffy. Me? I have the most totally awesome vintage rotary food shredder thingy from my great grandma. For the record, I DID actually use it to shred all my cheese and didn't just use it for the picture lol! I just LOVE this little gadget and have no desire to upgrade it. I think of all the wonderful food it helped prepare in my grandma's kitchen and I'm glad to help it continue it's legacy :)

  Place your shredded cheese in a bowl then set aside.

 Now get yourself 1/4 of butter and melt it over medium  heat in a very LARGE skillet. In fact...get the biggest skillet you can find in your kitchen and use that.

When your butters all nice and melty, add 1 cup diced onion. Cook on moderate low heat for about 5-7 minutes or until the onion starts to become tender. Keep the burner temperature low as you want to retain as much of the butter as possible.

Once your onions are tender, lower the heat and stir in 1/4 cup sweet rice flour.  It will be a bit clumpy. Keep stirring and cook the roux for about 1 minute on low heat.

 Now whisk in 3 cups milk. What type of milk you use is completely up to you. I used 1% but doesn't make much of a difference in the final product.

  Once the roux is thoroughly incorporated in the milk, add 2 bay leaves, 1 tablespoon paprika, and1 teaspoon salt. Whisk together then raise the burner temperature to a moderate high to bring liquid to a boil.

 Once the liquid comes to a boil, lower the heat but keep it simmering, then stir in half of the shredded cheese mixture. Stir well to ensure all the cheese is melted.

Now, find yourself some cute cottage cheese. Preferably with a fun little cow printed on the pull tab.

 Ok....I was kidding about the cute cow thing...but do get yourself 1 cup of cottage cheese and stir in the cheesey saucey mixture.

 Now, THIS is some of the best gluten free pasta I have found. It holds up well like regular pasta noodles and it has a NICE al dente texture when cooked. I have found a few stores that carry it but the most cost "friendly" place has been Harman's Grocery.

 Stir in 3 cups of your uncooked gluten free pasta elbows in the cheesey ewey gooey sauce. 

Now the next couple steps I didn't take many pictures mostly because it's pretty self explanatory and I just was NOT that coordinated hehe. 

In a LARGE casserole dish (about 2 quarts) pour about half of the cheesey sauce noodle mix then sprinkle the remaining shredded cheese blend, spreading it all around making a nice happy cheesey layer. Then pour the rest of the saucy noodley blend. Set aside. 

Now it's time to make the crumb topping :) Now....I'm not going to ask you to blend up a couple pieces of your precious gluten free bread. I KNOW if you are anything like me...if I HAVE gluten free bread, I hang onto it as long as I can. It would just kill me to blend up a couple pieces JUST to make a crumb topping. I would rather just pass and not even DO a crumb topping then waste my GF bread. 

Well...I have a little secret for you. Its..........

 RICE Chex! Yes! Rice Chex :) It works AMAZING as a crumb topping. Just double the amount of crushed Chex cereal that the recipe calls for. So for this crumb topping, take 1/2 cup of crushed cereal and mix it in a saucepan with 1/4 cup melted butter. That's it :) It's delish and adds a nice little crunch.

 Just sprinkle the crumb topping all over the top. Then toss the mac & cheese bake in the oven and bake for about 45 minutes uncovered.

Now I know this picture has nothing to do with mac & cheese, but when I was washing my dishes, the vintage bowls I snagged at the thrift store looked too cute with the ya...I'm a nerd. I took a picture of wet dishes drying on my counter LOL!

After about 45 minutes, remove your most awesome baked macaroni and cheese and enjoy. You will never know it's gluten free :)



  1. You didn't mention whether you pre-cook the noodles before you put it into the cheesy mixture. Please advise...

    1. Below the picture with the dry noodles, it says,
      add uncooked pasta...

  2. From the amount of liquid, I would think the answer is no...

  3. This is going to be featured on my dinner table this weekend. It sounds like some truly awesome Mac and Cheese. And we've been making gluten-free breadcrumbs with Rice Chex all along!

  4. Walmart, Meijer and Kroger stores carry the Tinkyada brand macaroni at a cheaper price than the specialty stores. I always precook and rinse my macaroni so the dish doesn't get a slimy feel to it, then I mix all and bake for 30-40 minutes.

  5. R the noodles precooked?

  6. I am sorry I did not clarify. The noodles are NOT provoked. They will cook in the sauce. Enjoy!

  7. Precooked. Darned phone spellcheck.

  8. thanks for this recipe...i can not wait to prepare... :)

  9. Your vintage food processor is called a Mouli (I think it might be French?). I got one from my grandma too and loved it, then lost it, found another one and lost that one too!! At least with those you don't have to worry about your Kitchenaid Mixer with Food Processing Attachment's motor burning up. :) Thanks for the recipe. I will have to try that out!

  10. this post is too cute. gonna try this this sunday. tanks.

  11. Can't wait to try this!! Did I miss the oven temp to cook at?

  12. i accidentally bought some gluten free pasta at trader joe's the other day and it was so gummy. i musta cooked it wrong for sure. oops. this looks delish! :)

  13. Just found your blog via a friend. Very excited to try some of your ideas! Thanks!

  14. I adore your food mill, I have never seen one like it! Even though I don't have to follow a GF diet, I love the rice chex crumb topping idea and am going to use it in the future! Your recipe here for mac n cheese sounds and looks fabulous! Will put this on the Try Soon list ;) Love, Shar

  15. Your whole vintage vibe and comfort mac and cheese is delightful. What a nice place to visit.

  16. That looks so yummy. I will have to make it, I bet my son would love it.
    Thank-you for linking up with my food and health carnival this week.
    Have a great weekend.
    Lisa's Gluten-Free Advice and Healthy Living

  17. That looks fantastic! I love using crushed up cereal or crackers as a crunchy topping. Thanks for sharing this.

  18. Making this RIGHT now! Can't wait. It smells delicious. I love trying new gf recipes. :)

  19. Making this tonight! I cubed the last of our leftover turkey breast and tossed it in the middle layer with the cheese! Expecting yummy results!

  20. Susie, adding turkey would be a GREAT idea. Yum!

  21. Is there anything I can substitute for cottage cheese?

  22. Just want to let you know that this is the fourth year we have prepared your mac and cheese for Thanksgiving. It's now a favorite; my husband and I look forward to it for weeks before the big day! Thank you for giving us such a tasty tradition!

    For those cooking the meal, you can put this together (minus crunchy topping) the day before, then top it and cook it the day of Thanksgiving. Yay time savings!