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The Pink Cowgirl's Camping Adventures

Hi there everyone out in blogland.

I thought I would share some fun pictures from our camping adventure to Tasha Equestrian Camp near Fish Lake Utah. We all had SO much fun, despite me coming down with pneumonia....I did my best to grin and bear it and STILL managed to get out, enjoy nature, and of course....ride my horse. I also got a nice ride on my colt Pistol, who until recently, has not been ridden outside of the round pen.

I enjoyed seeing many breathtaking sights on the back of my horse. I'm telling you...not much is better than that.

Ok, enough chit be pictures :)

Smokey and Pistol all settled in their stalls

Hubby borrowing his friend's horse Chopper

Really neato beaver pond

The scenery was just breathtaking

I promise I didn't ride Smokey TOO hard

My dog Gage on his first real trail ride to the top of the mountain

Smoke and me playing around

Ya....playing around some more

Kidlet taking Smokey for a spin

These four legged creatures were running around EVERYWHERE

*evil snickers*

The mountains just plain rock.....nuff said

Riding to Crater Lake

Hubby and good ol' Chopper

This sweet little fellow couldn't have been older than a few days. It was just the sweetest thing!

Rough and tough mountain women can catch fish with our bare hands :) Really, we did! I will say, it was a lot harder than you would think lol!

That is all, thank so much for looking and have a wonderful 4th of July!

 Our dirt bike riding adventure!

Ok, so Kyle and I had a BLAST. I knew we would have a good time, but I had no idea it would have been so much fun.

The day of the ride I was a NERVOUS wreck. Sweaty hands, sick to my stomach, teeth chattering when it wasn't cold lol! So I have NEVER really ridden a dirt bike. Like ever. Not to mention, I had boots, pads, helmet, etc...I felt like a moonwalking linebacker in all that get up. The boots themselves were so much to get used to. I couldn't feel a thing not to mention trying to shift on my bike. Oh and did I mention it was the first time I have ridden my dirt bike (aside from one trip down my road and back lol). Not to mention riding along with 50+ other riders on a DIRT trail with rocks, mud, sand, obstacles...OY! It really got bad when everyone started firing up their bikes and revving them up. I really started to question my sanity at that point lol!

Thankfully I DID survive. I only had one really big wreck (that of which I am feeling right now lol). The rest of my bumbles were more of me going too slow and my bike squirreling out from under me. Kyle and his buddy told me those really were not wrecks. I guess wrecks and laying the bikes over are quite common in the dirt biking world...I should get used to it. Although, picking up my 220lb bike then having to kick start the sucker after got old. FAST lol! Thankfully Kyle and his friend stayed back with me. His friend Kelly rode in front of me so I could see where my tires should go, then Kyle stayed behind me so he could watch me and make sure I didn't get hurt bad.

The first part of the ride I really was just hating. It was super sandy at points then full of rocks the next. The sand STUNK worse than a rancid skunk lol! It was SO hard to ride in and me being new wanted to go slow through it. Well...that is why I tipped over so much. Apparently you need to go fast through that stuff so your bike won't buck out from under you...ya...not easy when you have NO clue what your doing lol! Each time I would biff it Kyle or his friend would say, go FASTER ::) Seriously, driving a dirt bike in deep sand is like trying to ride a sindwinder on crack. After a while I started getting the hang of everything. There were SO many times I almost crapped my pants. Like riding along a cliffside, or going along ridgelines where I could just see my bike and I slipping off, or little hill climbs where I just KNEW I would wheelie over lol! I only made Kyle drive my bike one time. It was a tiny steep and twisty trail with a 4' drop off to the side and some nasty boulders below it. The dirt was muddy and Kyle's friend's bike was peeling out and slipping all over. I did NOT feel like falling down on top of those rocks at that point lol! So thankfully Kyle took my bike up it.

I did have once nice wreck that basically gave me all my bruises I've been bragging about. I was getting confident near the end of the ride and was booking it along in 4th gear deep in a large wash when RIGHT around the corner was a huge rocky jut out that had my name all over it. I could totally see me doing the BEST "bug to the windshield" impression on that sucker. So of course I panic...hit my front break and do a nice Superman over the handle bars move. Thankfully I didn't get hurt too bad. Just some nice bruises and a stiff neck.

I will say I was glad when the ride was over. 2 hours of riding was enough for me. I AM glad to report I did NOT come in dead last. That was my goal 8-)

Then Kyle and I took the bikes out again yesterday. I REALLY enjoyed that ride as there was no other riders to worry about, we could go at our own pace, and have time to stop and take pictures. It was great :) We first stopped to see some dinosaur tracks then we found a great 20 mile trail to explore.

It was fun trying out something new and it was great to do something together with Kyle.


I have a great life. That's all there is too it. I am married to the best man any woman could ask for. I don't know how I came to be so blessed, but there isn't a day I don't thank my Heavenly Father for helping me find him (and for him to pop the question hehehe ;) I am also blessed with a daughter. Wow, what blessings a family is in a woman's life. This is my destiny and what I live family.

I guess I could start off by how I found and wooed my eternal partner. It was at The Barn. Yep. A barn. I couldn't think of a more romantic and fitting place lol! I was going through a time in my life where I wanted nothing to do with dating, I wanted a horse, so I got a horse, I wanted to just go to school and that is what I did. One day, I had just got back from a ride on my horse Ally, I found that there was a kid in my stall cleaning it (along with some other guys I knew). It was the shy quiet boy in my stall that caught my eye. He came out and after being introduced asked if he could ride my horse. Well, DUH, get up there cowboy. Sorry...any man who's keester resides on a horse has a big thumbs up from me in my book. He proceeds to LEAP onto my 16.2h Appendix Quarter mare and nearly falls off on the other side (my guess is the masculine way of showing off). I guess that did it. I was hooked....For the next month or so, I would always find myself over at the barn. Driving past the barn. Stopping at the barn. It's funny how a quiet handsome boy has such a pull on a girl. Even when he won't say a word to you or hardly look you in the eye. Yet I didn't give in (remember when I said if you put your mind to make it happen). Well I guess thats what I did. Didn't matter how much he ignored me or how many times I would pester him while he was cleaning out his stall...I was there, trying to strike up conversations, or get that boy to look me in the eyes. happened. The shy boy started conversating back THEN asked the yearned for words "so, are you doing anything tonight?"...ok, that is a TOTAL open invitation to go "hang out, go on a date, or DO something" right? Eh....not so much. Me, not trying to sound like a desperate chick mentions that there isn't many plans or items on the agenda. Clearly leaving the door open but not trying to give the "take me here and now" vibes. His reply (after a painful and deadly silence) "cool". COOL!? Talk about a stab in the heart and major let down. *sigh* so here goes.....Mustering up any bit of courage and self esteem there was to muster...I asked him if he would like to do anything that night. Thankfully, that was all that needed to be said. That was our start in our journey in life together.

When I find them I will scan some of our pictures as we have gone through life. He is the most thoughtful, kind, forgiving, gentle, strong, and wonderful man out there and we fit each other so perfectly.

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