The Horse Life

Yes, I am a horse girl. Knew it from the day I sat on one's back, breathed in it's horsey essence, and enjoyed it's company. I could always be found running around on all fours neighing, snorting, pawing, and rearing. Watching Man From Snowy River, The Black Stallion, Pharlap, National Velvet, while fantasizing I was Alex racing on the back of my horse on a beach, or winning a lottery horse, or racing my champion. Funny thing is....When you put your mind to something...I mean REALLY deciding on something and not giving up that desire....YOU CAN. I have been able to do all of the above and more. Thankfully I am blessed to be married to a wonderful man who puts up with, supports, and goes above the "husbandly call of duty" by letting me own my horses and live through my horses :)

So over the years, I have owned my share of ponies. Maybe one night (or freakishly early in the morning when the fam is asleep and Jill's internal alarm clock has gone off at the butt crack of dawn), I will list the previous ponies. For now....I will introduce my horse Smokey.

Man.....what a horse I have. If I had limitless funds and my choice of any horse out there....I would pick this one. I couldn't ask for more in an animal. Ok....retract that statement. The ONLY thing I would wish is for my horse to enjoy the feeling of mudless, non manure stained, FRESH and CLEAN smelling exterior. I'm tellin ya...the horse is half pig....he really is. He will find mud and roll in it ANYWHERE. If there is no mud, he will pee THEN roll in it. Ok, we are getting off the subject, but I just had to rant for a moment. I found Smokey the way any typical "pulling on the heartstrings cheesey horse show". Went to an auction with NO intentions of buying a horse, saw the saddest, homeliest, scrawniest horse there and decided I HAD to have him. Back when the buying price of a horse was more like a used car price and not a used shoe price as they are today, the pot bellied colt's bidding started at a mere $300 (back then lol). Nobody bid....the auctioneer kept going lower and lower in price. He finally called out, "will anyone give $50 for this horse"....not bites. Not sure WHAT went through my mind at that point, but I ran out and found the owner and asked if he would still take $50 for the colt. Well, long story short, I came home with my $50 horse the next day.

Ya, well the exact words from my husband were "what the hell did you bring home THAT for". Well, I'm sure you all guessed it, the little homely colt just needed a chance from someone (well that, some good doses of dewormer and LOTS of groceries). He always has had spunk and fire, even when he was this itty bitty. He would jump our fences if we saddled up to ride by the lake and left him behind, so I just started letting the tike tote along. 
Here are some random pictures of Smokey and I throughout the years. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

Just thought I'd add a picture of my colt Pistol. I snapped it this morning braving the frigid temps in my PJ's. Ya I know...PJ's and husband's shoes. He just looked so cute out there that I HAD to get a pic of him.

Pony Express Reride Adventure 2012


  1. What a fabulous story! He knows you saved his life. Hard to believe he started so scrawny, and look at him now!

  2. As a passionate horsewoman, and living gluten free for over 20 years, I am thrilled to have found your blog. Great pictures and great recipes. Now if only I could find the cute man in the barn :)... funny - my ex husband was a police officer but he didn't share my love of horses so of course it would never work! lol! ... thanks for sharing your stories and recipes!