Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thrift Store Love

I really, I mean REALLY love garage sale shopping and shopping at thrift stores. I love the feeling of recycling someone's unwanted item into something useful, beautiful, or practical. I especially love finding clothing (which certainly comes in handy when your child is growing up faster than a giraffe on steroids). I also have had fun browsing the internet and reading my friend's "crafting" blogs on recycling items into a craft or beautifying a piece of furniture. It's almost like a treasure hunt in my opinion. Sadly....I have been known to park out before 10am and stand in line at the local DI. Now I would only admit this to my fellow blog reader hehehe ;)

So just for fun, here are some pictures of my recent projects and thrift store finds.

I just had to share this outfit of Kassidy's. She really is a skirt kid and I grab em up anytime I find em :) The entire ensemble came from a thrift store or a garage sale (well.....except for the itty bitty hair bows). The cost of this outfit is about $6. Not bad eh?
I am also growing her bangs out....not sure if that was such a great really makes her look like such a big kid :(

Next is my Thai Cookbook. Now I KNOW I blogged about it earlier, but I am just too darn tootin excited about it! Kyle and I adore Thai food and I have always wanted to make it at home. This was only a DOLLAR and it has excellent descriptions and photo's.

Now here was a FUN project I had been meaning to do in a long time. Make a purse out of an old hardcover book. I will admit, I nearly shed a tear tearing out the pages...buuuuuuuuuuut I was determined and was literally quite bored one night, so I trudged along and "created"

Now I was lucky enough to be spotlighted on my good friend Ashley's blog...there IS a tutorial if anyone is interested. Just CLICK HERE to see it.

So speaking of Ashley's Blog....she gave me a most excellent idea.....use the pages I just tore out of the book for my purse and create a book page wreath. How totally awesome is THIS idea?!?
and HERE be the instructions on how to make one of these lovelies ;)

Ok folks, that's all for today, thanks for reading and enjoy your Saturday!!                                   

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