Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camping Food......

Ok, so the pink cowgirl and the whole famdamily (dogs, kid, horses, everyone) are all going camping next week. I have tried to post a few tasty recipes to hold y'all off until I get back ;) Now I want to throw this out there....Before I go, what are some good celiac friendly food ideas for camping? 

It's not like we can just bring a bag of bread, peanut butter, and jelly....first of all, GF bread is very spendy, second, it just doesn't hold up well when tossed in a backpack while your out hiking, riding horses, ect....

I am looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. Don't be shy, please by all means, shout out some ideas :)

Thanks everyone!!


  1. Breakfast - I pre-pack zip-locks or vacuum sealed bags of GF bisquick - its quick its easy. If you want to make it more easier you can add, powdered egg and milk to it so all you have to do is add water and oil at camp (or if you have GF beer you can add beer and make some beer pancakes - they will be so fluffy no one would guess they are GF. I also bring along some dehydrated huckleberries which are awesome in pancakes. Eggs and bacon are also good - throw in left over mashed potatoes and fry up some potato cakes as stand ins for hash-browns its faster. Also I bring along some Cream of Rice if you want something warm and yummy or some Bob Red Mill's Hot GF Cereal (it kicks C or R on flavor, calories and protein) perfect hiking breakfast. 10 min to prepare tops you can through dehydrated berries in that too with some brown sugar or honey.

    Lunch - Can't beat GF hotdogs (like Oscar Meyer) in a Udi's GF bun you've preheated. Or I will premix a tuna or chicken salad in the morning and have that. Or just a plain sandwich with my GF bread. All with fruit salad of course. I also bring along some of those little THAI Kitchen Rice noodle soups. They are ready in 5 minutes - warm - GF - light on weight and always good.

    Dinner - Hobo meals have always been good to me - steak, potato, onion, and corn. Wrapped up with butter and seasoning salt and tossed in the fire. Fun to cook and fun to eat, no gluten to be seen. I also sometimes do a chicken curry packet (by THAI Kitchen too I think) mix that up with some chopped chicken breast (if you are hiking you can freeze meat you are taking for a least a day and enjoy it at dinner) and some rice. Then there is Chili Mac which you can pre dehydrate at home with GF pasta. When you get to camp its a mater of cooking the noodles and re-hydrating the rest.

    And wine.

    And s'mores I will sub in some GF ginger snaps for graham crackers....

    And GF trail mix for snacking - heavy on the peanut m&m's

  2. Stephanie! You ROCK! Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas. I found hobo dinners to be my savior! Easy to put together with SO many possibilities. Camping was a blast and such a success. I dried a lot of fruit and brought roasted edamame and larabars for snacks. Thanks for the ideas girly!