Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's time for Mutton Bustin

You know, I have always wanted my kids to ride a silly as that sounds. Ever since I saw the little tikes all decked out in thier rodeo gear getting dumped in the dirt I have wanted my kids (well for the time being, kid) to bust some muttons. Wow, don't I sound like mom of the year hehehe. Watching those kids ride those sheepies is one of my favorite rodeo events.

Now reality. I have the sweetest little girl. Funny thing is....she is about as girly girl as it gets. Not that she can't get on Smokey for a ride or buzz around with Dad on the dirtbike...but in all honesty, crawling on top of a wild wooly sheep and hanging on like Pooh Bear to his hunny pot I figured was just not her "thing". Soooo I had just written it off that my kid would just never ride a sheep. Now as you parents are just filled with surprises. One night while watching her daddy post the colors at a rodeo, the munchkin watches her first mutton bustin event. She turns to me with the biggest eyes and says "MOMMA, I want to DO that!". Whoa, wait, WHAT? You want to ride sheep? "Heck ya" is the kid's reply. So I'm kinda shocked right now. These kids are getting dumped left and right and one even bursts into tears. Still, she keeps insisting she wants to do it. That's what I love about kids. You think as thier mom you know everything about them....then they pull something like "I want to ride sheep" out of thier hat.

So after two unsuccseful attempts at getting her signed up, I finally get her registered to ride in Davis County's PRCA rodeo. Mom found her some rootin tootin cowgirl duds at the local thrift store (boots and all!) for only $6 :) So we get to the rodeo and the kid has another surprise up her figured that all the lights, loud croud, commotion, not to mention loud baaing sheep might cause the munchkin to chicken out. Not the case. Not only was she even more excited to ride but when the mutton busters were all lined up in the arena, she marched RIGHT up to the gates and asked to ride first! I was so proud of my little girl! Not only did she ride that sheep like there was velcro stiched to her hands, shirt, and pants, but she rode that sheepy backwards. Now....mommy MIGHT have placed a little bug in her ear saying to ride backwards ;) Mom and her nerdy horsey knowlege knows sheep are built downhill. So when kids ride facing fowards when the sheep turns they get dumped.

So the result of the backwards first time sheepy rider daughter of mine? Second place! Boy was mom ever happy! What a rootin tootin good time we all had. Thanks for indulging me in reading our little family adventure :)

My Mutton Bustin Kid

The Ride


  1. I absolutely LOVE this! You sure have a way of telling a good story :D And check out little Kass all cowgirled up :D I can't wait to meet her someday!!

  2. I just found your blog because of your Brazilian Cheesebread recipe being featured on Tasty Kitchen. I am looking forward to exploring your site to expand my list of gluten free recipes to try but I had to comment on this video. It made my day! I love watching the kiddie rodeo events too and after reading the backstory I just wanted to send a big congrat's to your girl for doing such a fine job riding that sheep. It looked like she was an old pro at it and not a first timer.