Sunday, October 31, 2010

Post #1

Ok....I am going to try this Blogging thing out. I am hoping this will be more like my journal in life and I can learn to cope and learn from being gluten and corn free to be healthier and get the most out of life. I have always enjoyed cooking and am excited to take this new path in learning new techniques, flavors, and ingredients. I am blessed with a husband who will brave the journey with me. So here goes.....wish me luck!


  1. I'm breaking the champagne bottle over for this journey of yours! I'm so excited for you and hope that others that are on a GF diet can learn from what you provide here! I'm soooo happy you have started a blog, I'd told you enough times! Yayyy!!! Go Pink Cowgirl!!!

  2. I can't wait for future posts from you. I love your blog so far.

  3. You will find some great GF blogs out there for more ideas, recipes, etc. Welcome to blog land! So happy to have you!

  4. LOL! THANKS GUYS!!! You are all so sweet :)

    Shar, you crack me up!!! I love my ATNB :)

    Annie glad to have a blog buddy lol!

    Tara, it'll be fun to try out new recipes and tweak the ones I already have :)